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Hello everyone!

I want to say thank you to everyone who has been following me on this #journey as we all embrace this shift that happened without notice (da&m you #Rona). I never imagined I would shift back to my roots in the kitchen, but I have to say that I find my newly found passion project empowering. Food always brings people together.

Baking and cooking is a process, but for me personally, it allows me to channel my energy and creativity. It's through this creative process that I share much of who I am. Being in a kitchen always transports me back to childhood experiences and now, as an adult, I am able to share those experiences and happiness through the beauty of what I produce.

I am so glad that you chose to follow me on this journey and I look forward to sharing a meal with you as soon as this #shelter in place is over! Make sure that you subscribe to my YouTube (pantrypull) as well as follow me on Instagram @pantrypull. xoxoxoxo Lauren

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