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As a young girl, Lauren was raised in a kitchen. 
Her family owned a family food business and that's where she worked at an early age and developed business acumen supporting the family  business by sorting customer orders and eventually running the day to day operations. 

Having the best of both worlds with an Italian mother and Armenian father, her cooking style is a blend of the two including incorporating a blend of Spanish cooking for her husband who is Puerto Rican. 

Her mother always created a home cooked meal using fresh ingredients, which is what she uses to create in the kitchen. 


Despite having no interest in assuming the family business, a love for food and cooking was imprinted in her DNA and in her late 20's she found her stride and began challenging herself to step out of her comfort zone and try creating new recipes and techniques. 

Like any great cook, she adds her own twist to everything she makes.  And so began her love for the creating and crowd pleasing meals.   

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