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Pantry Pull

Staying Connected through the Joy of Family Cooking!


Enjoy watching , as we make our top requested recipes for you .


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Cocktails, and Appetizers. 

Whatever time of the day , we have you covered. 


Follow my Journey, through my blog, as I continue my families love of cooking and discuss how I come up with  new recipes of my own.

Online Cooking Classes Coming Soon!

Coming  Fall 2020


About Us

Mom of 4 children, Lauren's creative flair and love for sharing and entertaining began at an early age.  Always having a joy for bringing people together, cooking has developed into a side passion where she can express herself. Rule breaker by nature, she never follows a recipe and her unique techniques always leave the crowd coming back for more.


What People Are Saying About Pantry Pull Recipes

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Milysan Kikos

"Ok I’m salivating over here at the end result OMFG!"

review 2.jpg

Louise Johnson

"Loved the music and the quick speed of the steps. Amused by taking a sip. Pretty presentation at the end of the finished product!"

review 3.jpg

Olivia Renee

"Hi Vincent and Marina! I love the video! Can’t wait to see more :)"

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